Steamed Sugee Cake
Servings Prep Time
1 7-inchcake 10minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
1 7-inchcake 10minutes
Cook Time
  • 1block (220 grams) unsalted butterdiced and softened
  • 1/2cup caster sugar(120 grams)
  • 3tbsp milk
  • 1/2cup semolina flour (sugee or suji)(100 grams)
  • 3pcs whole eggs
  • 2pcs egg yolks
  • 2tsp vanilla extract
  • 3/4cup Unbleached all-purpose flour(80 grams)
  • 1/2cup ground almonds(120 grams)
  • 50g almondsfinely chopped
  • 1cup Water
  1. Grease sides and bottom of a 7-inch round cake pan. Line the bottom of the pan with baking paper.
  2. Cream butter and 120g sugar for 1 minute in a mixer. Add milk and semolina flour. Mix well. Set aside covered for an hour (to allow semolina to absorb moisture).
  3. Beat eggs and yolks until frothy. Add 120g sugar slowly. Beat for 5 minutes. Add vanilla extract and stir.
  4. In another bowl, sift flour, baking powder and salt. Mix in ground almonds and chopped almonds.
  5. Fold 1/2 of the egg mixture to the butter mixture. Then fold 1/2 of the flour mixture to the butter mixture. Repeat above step without overmixing.
  6. Pour mixture into cake tin and tap onto a surface to remove air bubbles.
  7. Add 1 cup of water in the Instant Pot and place the steaming rack inside.
  8. Close the lid and set the Instant Pot to Steam mode for 40 minutes.
  9. Once cooking is done, remove the lid. Lift out the cake pan using the steamer rack holds. Carefully, remove the foil cover.
  10. Let the cake cool before removing from the pan. Serve and enjoy!