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Yummy, Home-cooked Meal Plan for the New Restrictions

Wondering about what to cook for dinner with Singapore’s tightening Covid-19 restrictions? Worrying about what your delivery/takeaway bill will be after June 13? Or nervous about cooking for yourself and your family while working from home? 

With our 9-in-1 Multi-functional Smart Cooker, 14+ Smart Programs and a pot that lets you prep, set, and forget your ingredients – Instant Pot has got you covered! Our all-in-one cooker helps you achieve your tasty, nutritional goals easily and speeds up cooking by 2 – 6 times. Preserve healthy nutrients, save kitchen counter space and up to 70% of your energy with Instant Pot’s safe and smart cooking technology. 

Skip the takeout and find comfort in these no-sweat, guilt-free and tasty meals that we’ve rounded up below.

Sunday Seafood | Soy-Ginger Salmon

Got salmon fresh from the freezer? No problem! Infused with infection-fighting ginger and savory ingredients, try this fantastic recipe you’ll want to keep in your healthy meal plan – pre or post gathering restrictions.

Vegan Monday  |  Vegan Corn Congee

Light, vegan and gluten-free, you just can’t go wrong with congee. You can keep this comforting meal in your refrigerator for up to five (5) days too – perfect for a meal when you’re working from home. 

Sauté Tuesday  |  Chicken Fried Rice

With Instant Pot’s electric pressure cooker function, you can get a fast, fluffy, and flavorful dinner. No need to start with yesterday’s cooked rice!

Wednesday Beef n Broc  |  Beef & Broccoli

Can’t go a week without having noodles? Don’t worry! This rich and hearty noodle recipe is perfect for satisfying all your noodle cravings until June.

Hearty Broth Thursday  |  Fish Broth

This super savory broth contains tons of omega-3 fatty acids, which is excellent for your skin, bones, and brain function. You could also save it in a jar to freeze and eat/serve for later!

Friday Noodle Day  |  Asian Mushroom Sweet Potato Noodles

Get a load of these immune-boosting ingredients into your system! Mushrooms and sweet potatoes are filled with fiber, vitamins, and minerals to help your body function at its best – especially with rise in Covid-19 cases.

Cashew Mix Saturday  |  Cashew Chicken

Simple and flavorful, this chicken recipe is just too good to skip out on! Taste delicious cashews, which have heart-healthy fats and protein for energy production, brain function, and bone health. A recipe to have handy all year round!

What You’ll Need: 

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Taste a world of amazing flavors and upgrade mealtime in a healthier, quicker and easier way, all without leaving the front door. Instant Pot helps you stay safe, save time and worry less about what to cook daily for yourself and your loved ones. Experience everyday cooking magic with our favorite kitchen planner! #Instant(Pot)MealPrep

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